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My Journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun title

This is my Story

     Myself and a few friends cherished many fishing trips to various areas of Eastern Canada. We began in the "Gatineau Region" of Quebec just north of Ottawa. We ventured as far east as the "Matane Region" of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec. We visited "Moosonee" Ontario at the southern most point of James Bay, which is part of Hudson's Bay. We also fished an area located on the border of Ontario and Quebec about 225 miles north of Toronto. Our longest trip by car was took approximately 30 hours only pausing for meals.

     What we needed was a trip of a lifetime, that's when we agreed to go to Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, Canada.

     The next pages will navigate you to our final destination.

Our Trip to the Northwest Territories

     Our long journey began in Newark, New Jersey where we boarded a commercial airliner to take us to Edmonton, Alberta. This stop would be an overnight lay over in order for all guest to coordinate the next mornings chartered flight to Great Bear Lake. The entire distance from home to the lake was 4,000 miles. To get an idea of where we traveled to, click here.

     A personal representative of Branson's Lodge met us upon our arrival in Edmonton to escort us to the Chateau Lacombe, a 24 story modern hotel topped by a revolving restaurant with an impressive view over the entire city.

     At 6:00 a.m. we were taken back to the Edmonton Airport to board a charted Gateway Aviation Hawker Siddley 748 Aircraft that would take us and 38 others to Great Bear Lake.

     The entire round trip from Edmonton to Great Bear Lake and back is almost 1900 miles requiring us to land in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories for refueling.

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