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Myself holding Whitefish
World Record Whitefish

All of us
All of us with a catch

Record Lake Trout
World Record Lake Trout
65 lb 0 oz.
Great Bear Lake
August 8, 1970
38" Girth

World Record Lake Whitefish
World Record Lake Whitefish
Date: July 14, 1974
Weight: 13 pounds
Length: 32¼"
Girth: 19"

Whitefish in Case
Home in Trophy Case

Typical Laker
Typical Lake Trout

My Lake Trout
My Lake Trout

My Arctic Grayling
My Arctic Grayling
Field and Stream
Annual Fishing Contest
Certificate of Award
2 pounds
1 foot 5 inches
4-pound line

     From what I have read and learned by being there, is that it takes 10 years for a lake trout to reach about 1.8 lbs. Therefore, you can imagine how old these 40 pounders are. This slow rate of growth is due to the extreme cold temperatures of the lake.

     It was very late one evening in February following our July trip to Great Bear Lake when we heard a knock on the door. Much to my surprise, it was Ernie, who happened to stop by to present me with the Lake Whitefish which he had mounted in Texas for me. This was very special considering he drives over 10,000 miles during the off season to promote his lodge at various sportsman shows. Ernie's home is in Alberta, Canada. Thank you Ernie for a vacation that I will never forget.

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35 lb. Lake Trout
35 lb. Laker

Lakers up to 35 lbs.
Lakers up to 35 lbs.

Lakers over 40 lbs.
These are over 40 lbs.

land of the midnight sun
"Land of the Midnight Sun"

     At this time I would like to thank each and every person for sharing my story. Once again, It looks like winter in the Arctic is about to bear down. Good Bye!

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